To begin a professional relationship with Mt. Olive Manufacturing, a typical process/product request follows something similar to this:

  1. Customer request for quotation.

    Customer’s inquiry or request for quotation is received by Mt. Olive.

  2. Mt. Olive reviews specifications.

    Mt. Olive reviews product specifications and capabilities to provide service.

  3. Formal quotation is submitted to customer.

    If accepted by Mt. Olive, then a formal quotation including tooling, product prices, payment terms, and lead-time is submitted to the customer.

  4. Customer response to quotation.

    Customer may accept Mt. Olive’s quotation, or may have questions regarding the quotation.

  5. Quotation accepted, purchase order is placed.

    If the quotation is accepted, the customer places a purchase order for the products and/or services.

  6. Mt. Olive produces tooling.

    Mt. Olive produces the tooling and runs a first article for customer’s approval.

  7. Customer receives and evaluates first article.

    Customer receives first article, then tests and evaluates the sample to confirm the product meets the requirements. If the product passes inspection, then the customer will inform Mt. Olive that the product is accepted for production.

  8. Mt. Olive processes and ships full order.

    Upon receiving the customer’s approval Mt. Olive will process and then ship the order as required. Medical products requiring a DMR and DHR are completed and controlled in the Mt. Olive QMS.

  9. Additional purchase orders can be submitted.

    Ongoing orders of preapproved products are simply reordered by submitting a purchase order and then the order is processed again by Mt. Olive.

  10. Provision of raw materials.

    Raw materials may be supplied by the customer, or may be purchased by Mt. Olive and included in the price as required.