Quality Assurance

It is our company’s policy to supply our customers with products and services of the highest quality, meeting all specified requirements, with on-time deliveries and competitive costs. Creative Foam Corporation is committed to the continuous improvement of its products, its services and the company itself. With participation of all employees and the commitment of our management team, we will monitor and measure the effectiveness of our quality management system.

For our customers, we are committed to supplying competitive products and services and delivering them on time every time. Through innovative ideas and value-added processes, we create value for our customers.

For our company, we are committed to carefully planned growth, creating job opportunities. We will apply advanced technologies to continuously improve our products and services and to improve our work environment.

For our employees, we are committed to a safe, healthy and productive work environment.

For our suppliers, we are committed to evaluate measurable quality, proven service levels and technological advances.

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